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Foundation are recruiting again and due to previous experience we are now having new potential raid members go through a trial period.

This thread is designed to let you know what we expect from you, and what you should expect from us. Please understand that during heavy raid periods (such as downing final bosses in a tier / close progression on new bosses) it may take a little longer to complete your trial.

When you are accepted into the guild you will need to read all of the guild rules and the notes on EPGP / addons and this thread. You must confirm that you have read and understood these rules with an officer ingame. This is for your benefit as well as ours as it helps you to understand how we run the guild (as this may be different from your other guild experiences).

During your trial period you will be running under the guild raid rules along with other members, so reading and understanding these fully is a must. Please note that a number of these rules are all about COMMUNICATION. So letting people know your availabity to raids, ensuring you turn up on time etc are very important to us.

Your trial period will last as long as it takes for Officers to see to full extent of your ability as a raider. As it stands in Cata we may still take new Intiates into previous content where possible. This is meant to ensure that you can concentrate on your raid awareness rather than your output, and be a bit more comfortable in easier fights rather than on a boss you may have not killed / seen much before.

Before you recieve a comfirmed spot your first raid with us you must ensure you take the time to prepare fully for current content (watching boss fight videos, reading tactics on sites like etc). Raid preperation is something we take seriously, and excuses for not being prepared are not acceptable.

At the end of the day we are looking for players that fit into our guild aswell as the type of people who know thier class and even faced with a new challenge do not doubt themselves but accept it. We'd like to see what makes you so Unique and to know you can understand the level were trying to achieve from people.
The social side of Foundation is what we enjoy and raiding with WoW friends is much more fun than raiding with people then logging off straight afterwards. This means we encourage players to be as active as possible, log ventrilo when doing dungeons / PvP / other activites with guild members, and get stuck into guild chat as much as you can.

We understand it isnt very easy to join a new guild, but we hope that you spend some time and effort to get to know us, and we will spend time and effort to get to know you. We wish you the best of luck for your trial period and hope you grow to love Foundation as much as we do!


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