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#3348241 Oct 19, 2010 at 02:15 PM · Edited 6 years ago
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With the changes in MoP about ranged and main hand weapons etc, I have deleted all the old information and will update it all again when it is clear how EPGP will work :)
#4997458 Sep 26, 2011 at 04:40 PM · Edited 7 years ago
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*Please note you need to have EPGP Lootmaster installed to be eligible for loot*

When using the EPGP Lootmaster addon please note the following:

Priority as follows -

MAINSPEC RAIDERS - This is an upgrade that will improve your gear for your main talent spec. If you choose to use an item that is for another spec (but is still a better upgrade for you, you will still be charged GP)

For example - A tank needs a Str Dps Wrist for his tanking gear set as it will still be an upgrade after reforging.

OFFSPEC RAIDERS - This is an upgrade that will improve your gear for a KNOWN RAIDING OFFSPEC. Please note NO GP will be awarded (it is essentially free).

SOCIALS / ALTS - These have equal weighting and will still be awarded through PR with GP being credited. This includes any mainspec / offspec gear.

INITIATES - Until you earn 2000 Effort Points or are promoted to raider you will only be eligible for loot if it is not needed by any other member of the raid.

*Please note this does not include Bind on Equip items, this will be held in the guild bank until officers decide who will use it*
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Items such as tier tokens etc may not always be given on the basis of PR. It may be a discussion to see who will obtain 2 set / 4 set bonuses and which will benefit the guild more.

Please note that we wish all loot to be distributed as fair as possible. Mistakes have happened in the past and no loot system is perfect so we ask for common sense and a little bit of judgement in certain circumstances.

If you wish to discuss loot any further then feel free to discuss the details with officers / raid leaders through whispers, preferably during a raid break or after the raid.


EPGP is based on those that raid being rewarded. However to try and ensure that there is a certain amount of consistency and opportunity for those that perhaps dont get picked as often, EPGP is decayed each Wednesday (before any Wednesday raid) by 7%. If you wish to learn more on EPGP Decay plase visit the EPGP website.

With EPGP Decay in place it means you cannot "Hoard / Store Up" EP in the same ways that points can be stored with other loot systems like DKP. However we do encourage players to NOT pass on any upgrades that are available to them (however small an upgrade it is). We understand that you may not want to use GP on an item that you dont feel will be as much benefit to yourselves, but every little upgrade strengthens the raid group.


Try not to let loot be "everything". Gear / items change each and every tier, and so what is "EPIC" one patch becomes almost irrelevant the next. Don't forget if the loot doesnt go to you then it goes to another guild member which will only improve our chances of progressing further!
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