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After its success in Cataclysm we will continue to use EPGP as our loot system.

For those that are still unsure of what EPGP is or why we need a loot system please read on!

Firstly I want something that reflects your efforts and contribution to the guild. Those that put more time, more effort and help out should be rewarded.

Picture the situation:

Player 1 raids week in week out and never misses an event, always turns up on time and is generally helpful.
Player 2 has been AFK for 3 weeks generally late can be awkward etc

They both go to a raid and an item drops that they both want. Player 1 loses the roll, player 2 wins the item then goes AFK for another month.

Does this really benefit the guild? Is it truly fair? Probably not.

So what is EPGP.

Ill try and explain it as basically as I can.

EP = Effort Points - You earn these by turning up on time / killing bosses / being on standby etc (A seperate thread will be set up to compile the points given).

GP = Gear Points - Please note this is NOT GEARSCORE. GP is a value of gear that you have RECEIVED THROUGH LOOT IN RAIDS. Please dont confuse the two :)

Every player also has a PR = Priority rating. This is calculated by


So your effort points divided by the gear you have been given through raids. So if you raid more your EP will go up, and you PR will go up, but if you then receive loot your GP will go up so your PR will go down.

Confused? There's no need to be, it really is simple. It basically favours those that raid more and help out more, but doesn't allow players to "hoard" points like DKP.

So what do I want you to do. You will need to download from both EPGP and EPGPlootmaster and have those installed.

The link to the two different addons are

EPGP (known on as EPGP dkp reloaded)

EPGP lootmaster

If you don't have these addons installed then you WILL NOT BE ELIGIBLE FOR LOOT. You can turn them off when you are not raiding if you suffer from lag etc, but must use them while raiding.

*Please make sure you read the EPGP Points thread as this shows loot priority and how your EP and GP are awarded*

If you have any further questions please speak to an officer!
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